Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Loco for Lobster

I love lobster. Always have. I love it served as a full Maine meal steamed with drawn butter, corn on the cob, potatoes, and ice cream. I also love it in bisque. And yes, lobster rolls. The fresher the roll tastes, (less mayonnaise) the better but I'd walk uphill in the snow both ways even for a slightly oversauced lobster roll. But today, I had a PERFECT lobster roll: from a food truck! I'd heard great things about Red Hook Lobster Pound but hadn't tried it because the long line always scared me away. Yet, almost serendipitously, I happened to walk past while the truck was on campus today and it had no line! It was fate!

For lobster rolls, guests have the choice of Connecticut style which apparently means a little butter or Maine style which is a lemon mayo dressing. I obviously chose the Maine style and was blown away! I expected the roll to be good but a little saucy; I mean we're in DC not New England and it's not even summer yet. The roll was straightforward and no frills: a buttery toasted bun, a little lettuce, a few scallions, huge pieces of lightly dressed lobster and paprika. It. Was. Perfect. The lobster, which I initially needed to eat with a fork because the roll was overflowing, was perfectly cooked! Each bite gave a slight light flavor of lemon from the dressing and then tasted like simple, fresh lobster. It was also ideally cooked and tender, not at all chewy or tough (symptoms of overlooking). The toast was buttery with a slight crunch on the edges and soft in the middle. It was easily one of the best lobster rolls I've ever had, including the many I've tried in Maine.

I'm sort of an iced tea nut. And also very particular about my iced tea. In my opinion, the South and New England are the only places to get really good iced tea. Despite being bordered by the South and the Eastern Seaboard, DC has terrible iced tea so I've been brewing my own sun tea. Which isn't bad, I just wish more places sold good iced tea. Well, Red Hook does! I ordered an Arnold Palmer and it was ideal! It was just the right balance between lemonade and iced tea. It was initially sweet but not overly so, followed by a slight tartness. If only other places sold such well-balanced Arnold Palmers...

This post is quiet effusive I know but I really cannot say enough how great this meal was! I would go again in a heartbeat even with a line! Although sadly, the steep price may keep me away for a few weeks.

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