Sunday, September 18, 2011

I've Died and Gone to Heaven

Or Harrods rather. I've spent the last hours wandering from floor to floor in the uber famous department store. And despite the outrageous prices, gaudy decor, and interestingly mixed crowd of tourists and people spending upwards of 10,000 dollars on clothes, I love it! I'm sure it's no surprise but my favorite part was hands down all of the restaurants and food halls. Almost every section had a trendy themed restaurant in it, ranging from a Korean eatery to a diner to a wine bar. But the best area was the food hall: room after room of different dining choices: a sushi bar, a raw and seafood bar, a coffee shop, a tea shop, a packaged food shop, a warm inviting bakery, and a market. Oh my god this market! It had everything from raspberries to pasta salads to miniature crab cocktails. But the best part of the food hall was undoubtedly the chocolate room. I felt like I was in the Willy Wonka factory, if instead of burp-inducing soda and other wacky concoctions, it was full of deliciously heavenly chocolates. There were easily 10 "normal chocolate store" displays of truffles and little chocolate squares filled with every option under the sun. There was a giant chocolate fountain and all of the counters were decorated with copper and silver. Basically, it was heaven! For my foodie, my chocaholic and my shopaholic. And don't worry mom, I didn't buy anything. Besides a few chocolates.
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  1. Maybe you'll bring us a few of those decadent and delicious overpriced chocolates when you come home in December! Sounds like a great way to spend an afternoon.